Aesthetic Rehabilitation Center




Hair loss treatment, hair restoration and seborrheic dermatitis remedy


Treatment plan includes doctor consultation, 15 combined procedures involving Medical devices, hair roots massage, hair masks from ancient recipes to modern nanotechnology achievements in Medicine, mesotherapy, recommendations and tips for further care.


Treatment programme is individualised to meet the specific needs of the patient and helps to strengthen and nourish the weakened roots and thus promoting hair growth. It also ensures improvement of texture and quality of the hair and seborrheic dermatitis remedy (if present). 


By adhering to the treatment regimen and taking into account doctor’s advice, patients should see the desired results in 3 months. (The hair phase is completed in three months). After completing treatment you will need to dedicate only 5 minutes per day to yourself and you will be astonished by the amazing results. You will  also be provided with appropriate aftercare including free advice and monitoring.



More details on this Treatment:

1 hour session twice a week.

The total cost of the treatment 500 GEL. (includes mesotherapy)