Aesthetic Rehabilitation Center

Offers & Discount

1. New customers get a special treat from Aura Plus.
If you are new to Aura Plus, book your appointment now and get the priority access to our services.

2. Customers who would like to focus on specific problems (such as excessive weight, curvature of the spine, osteochondrosis) usually receive a package deal that covers all procedures individually selected for them.

  • Saverspackage - 10 procedures with 5% discount
  • FullPackage - 15 procedures with an increasing 10%-15% discount

Along with the purchase of this package 15 sessions you receive significant discounts, which start from a 5 % increase each time you buy the subsequent package, until you gain a 10% - 15% discount. After purchasing the third package, the customer becomes a club member and receives additional bonuses and special offers.

3. Best Deals for Corporations and Groups of Individuals

  • Get 5 or more service packages and receive 15% off, saving you the total of - 500 GEL
  • Get 10 or more service packages and receive 20% off, saving you the total of - 1500 GEL.
  • Get 20 or more service packages and receive 25% off, saving you the total of - 4000 GEL.

Aura Plus conducts research on occupational Ergonomics and offers consultation and advice along with stress management practice, upon request of organisations.
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