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Nowadays GIFTCERTIFICATES (GC) are among the most popular gifts.

It is an easy and a very simple choice of a gift for your loved ones.

  • Aura Plus offers a very flexible gift card programme that satisfies even the most demanding tastes and fits your budget.
  • We have several trendy designs to choose from therefore you will not have to worry about a decent packaging. Alternatively, to save you from hassle of picking up you can use our courie r services.

Gift Card Options:

  1. Treatment Package – selection of the most popular treatment programmes from Aura Plus
  2. Single Procedure- a wide range of procedures to choose from
  3. Cash Certificate – here you get the option to indicate desired value of the gift certificate.

How to Get It

  1. Come by our office at 28 Ir.Abashidze St, Tbilisi. Georgia
  2. Get it Online

*Aura Plus Gift Card Terms and Conditions

  • If Aura PlusGift Card is not used for a consecutive period of 2 months the card will automatically expire at the end of that period.
  • The Aura Plus gift card cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash.
  • All bookings must be made 1 week prior to your visit.
  • Kindly advise us at least 24 hours ahead if you are unable to keep an appointment. Failure to do so may result in deducting the value of the booked procedure from the gift card.
  • Services will be provided upon presentation of a gift certificate.

We endeavor to deliver any given procedures at the highest level of professionalism and maintain great customer experience.

We ensure that gift card holders stay happy and gratefu l thanks to your choice of a gift at Aura Plus.


    "Sultan" Massage - with the use of 4 hands simultaneous and asynchronous massage  will revive you with aromatherapy oils and get you into the deep state of relaxation, will fill you up with energy and unforgettable experiences.

    Duration: 1 Hour; Price: 89 Gel.

    Algae Massage - treat your whole body from head to toes with a luxurious 1.5 hour massage, rejuvenate your body and restore the radiance and smoothness of your skin, fill up with beautiful scents, get the moisturising effect and demineralise. Enhance the micro circulation and cell metabolism. Get the feeling of thrill and pure bliss.

    Duration: 2 Hours; Price: 159 Gel.

    Synchronised 4 Hands Peeling Massage – with one of our trademarks experience the euphoria while 2 specialists work in harmony. The synchrony and the art of performance of the procedure ensure the perfection and truly unique experience.

    Duration: 1 Hour; Price: 89 Gel.

    Stone massage in 4 hands-  Reach the dizzy heights of peace of mind inexperienced before, forget about your daily worries, indulge yourself in massage paradise and retain this feeling for long.

    Duration: 1 Hour; Price: 89 Gel.

    ეს უნიკალური პროცედურა განკუთვნილია ქალბატონებისთვის 30 წლის ზემოთ. მასაჟის ეს უძველესი იაპონური ტექნიკა, რომელიც შეუცვლელია სახის გარკვეული ზონების ასაჭიმად. იწვევს ცირკულაციის გაძლიერებას. სახის ღრმა კუნთების დამუშავებით  გამომუშავდება  კოლაგენი, რაც უმნიშვნელოვანესი ფაქტორია სახის კანის ნაადრევი დაბერების საწინააღმდეგოდ.  პროცედურის შემდეგ  გამაახალგაზრდავებელი ეფექტი სახეზეა და თქვენი სახის კანი  გახარებთ თავისი ელვარებით. 

    Duration: 45 min; Price: 55 Gel.
  • N 6 Foot Massage

    According to the Eastern Medicine, foot massage helps to strengthen interior organs and helps relax your back as there are a lot of biologically active points on the feet which are connected to different organs and vertebrae. Foot massage has a strong relaxation effect, treats the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and improves the whole system of your body



    Duration: 1 Hour; Price: 59 GEL Gel.
  • N 7 კლასიკური მასაჟი
    Duration: 1 საათი; Price: 69 Gel.